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E-Catalog or Flipbook? The new trend everyone is talking about…

A Flipbook is an Old-Fashioned Paper Catalog with a Modern Twist

A flipbook can help any business make its catalog more interactive, accessible, and current. What do we mean by that? By using flipbooks, companies have the power to have their catalogs with them wherever they go – which means they will always be up-to-date and easy to access, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Not only that, but flipbooks are still printed on paper, so they keep the feeling of an old-fashioned catalog while also giving you the accessibility of an online e-catalog.

5 Things You Should Know About Flipbooks

Flipbooks can be made to sell products or showcase content. They may be read on computers and other digital devices. And like magazines, flipbooks are available in multiple languages and countries. However, unlike anything else today, flipbooks take digital catalogs beyond traditional buy options. Clicking on a product in your digital catalog gives readers complete information about what they’re viewing—from relevant brand names to detailed explanations of sizes and colors. Readers can also find out if their local retail store carries your product or if it’s even sold online at all! In addition to providing information that helps customers make purchasing decisions—and therefore boosts sales—flipbooks are available for less than $20 per month for every product page.

Why Digital Flipbooks?

In digital marketing, we are constantly looking for opportunities to increase customer engagement and create memorable moments. Digital flipbooks provide just that opportunity. However, with so many ways to reach potential customers, it can be hard to know where to start. You have some marketing campaigns set up but aren’t getting enough action. Maybe your target audience isn’t engaged because you aren’t telling them what they want or need to hear in a way that resonates with them. You may even think they aren’t interested in what you are offering! However, maybe it isn’t that they aren’t interested; maybe your marketing strategy is just not working as well as it could be due to changes in consumer behavior and media habits.

How Digital Flipbooks Work?

Whether you’re a business owner looking to bring your catalog into 2022 or you’re simply interested in learning more about flipbooks, it’s easy to see why they could be beneficial. Digital flipbooks use great design and animation to showcase products, appealing and engaging for customers. In addition, they let you give customers a complete view of your catalog without having to print all of its pages; even better, they can drive traffic to your website, generate leads and ultimately sales.

Flipbooks are a new way to showcase the products or services you offer.

1. There are no paper or printing costs.

2. A flipbook takes up less storage space than paper catalogs.

3. You can deliver updated digital flipbooks to your customers regularly and always keep them current on your latest products, promotions, and sales events.

4.  You can have the digital magazine experience created for your own brand.

  • All images could contain a hyperlink and guide the viewers to your website.
  • You can even include videos from your channels.
  • Flipbooks could be used for any business. From real estate to e-commerce, to brick and mortar business.

5. Your clients will be able to view your digital catalog from any computer connected to a network or the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week—anytime they want!

6. You get measurable results as page views, referrals, clicks to the website, leads, and sales.

7. Print out as many copies as you like for anyone you want! 

Why to be ordinary when you can stand out?


If you’re still not sure if creating a digital catalog of your own might be worth doing, consider looking at your current paper catalogs and how useful they are to your customers. Are they easy to navigate? Are you able to find what you need in them? Are they well organized? Do you need more pages or want something that offers more information about your products and services? All these can be improved by creating and distributing your digital catalog. As a result, it’s easier for people to find what they need quickly, saving them time and giving them access to all the information about your business that you want them to have. That’s not only good for their shopping experience—it can also improve customer retention.

E-catalogs have been around for a while and they are here to stay. We want to offer your customers the optimal digital experience but with a more realistic feel.

Need one for your business? Let’s chat. Email nati@engagelikebylike.com today!

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